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Division of Palliative Care

The new Division of Palliative Emergency Medicine in our Department of Emergency Medicine will take on the task of translating palliative care into the emergency setting. Often, patients arrive in the ED with known or newly diagnosed terminal illness, with physical and emotionally distressing symptoms. These patients present emergency physicians with palliative care opportunities--chances to relieve pain and suffering, and to work collaboratively with the patient and family to establish treatment goals that support and honor their wishes.

Palliative Care Team

The mandate of the division is as follows:

  1. To propose and test impact of curricular changes in the implementation of palliative emergency medicine
  2. To develop innovative research
  3. To provide clinical palliative emergency care.
  4. To create a cosponsored Fellowship in Emergency Palliative Medicine to prepare EM board prepared candidates to complete a fellowship in emergency oriented palliative care, training that would have both a research and an acute care focus.

Robert Zalenski, M.D., MA, FACEP
Director of Clinical Research
Director of Center to Advance Palliative Care Excellence
Brooks F. Bock Endowed Professor of Emergency Medicine

6G University Health Center
4201 St. Antoine
Detroit, Michigan 48201

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Center to Advance Palliative Care-Excellence